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    Multi-Account x Multi-Channel

    Avante Cart supports cDiscount, PriceMinister, BigCommerce, Amazon, eBay, Lazada, and more to come.
    Our ground breaking multi-account feature allows you to sell different product lines / brands. For example, your company owns a sports product business, a smartphone accessories business and a motorcyle business. All these product lines can have its individual marketplaces, webstore selling channels.
    With one single login, you can manage all your products, listings and orders on all accounts and channels. When you create a product on Avante Cart, it will be uploaded to different channels automatically, all you only need is to maintain one copy of data.

    Different Channels Require Different Translations

    On PriceMinister and cDiscount, you need French. On Amazon Europe, you need English, French, German, Spanish and Italian languages to reach out to buyers. Multi-lingual product information is essential to your success in e-commerce worldwide.
    Avante Cart provides optional translations fields for your product information. And it is smart enough to send different product translations to different channels. Your products will still be the same, just spoken in different languages.

    Update Products In Just A Few Clicks

    Publish/Unpublish Products in One Click.
    Select products that you want to publish and click "Publish". In just one click, you publish the selected products on all channels. If you have offers on your products, they will also be published at the same time. By doing the same, you can unpublish/offline selected products in one click. Ideal for products that are no longer available.
    Profit Calculator and Easy Price Adjustment
    Type in a price and the estimated gross profit will be instantly shown, provided that you inputted the product cost and shipping cost. You can try as many prices as you like until you find the pleasing profit, then click once to set this last price as the selling price. The price of the product on all channels, including corresponding offers, will be updated.

    Offering Competitor's Product

    Is that your competitors are offering the same item, just in different EAN? No Problem!
    On Amazon, cDiscount and PriceMinister, when other sellers are selling the same products that you are selling, you can add your shop name and price on other sellers' listing. Then when buyers see the listing, they will see your shop name, price and comment, and they can buy from you even though they are seeing the listing of other sellers. This is called "adding offers".
    On Avante Cart, you can add offers easily by inputting the key of other sellers' listing (such as EAN) to your product variant. Then your offer will automatically be added to the listing. You can also add a note to the offer, such as "tools" to remind yourselves that this offer includes a set of tools that is not included in your own listing.

    Order Management

    You want to pick and pack your orders in the shortest possible time. On Avante Cart, you can print bulk picking list with bin locations and bulk print address labels. After you pack your orders, you scan the barcodes of the address labels and the tracking numbers, and the orders will be automatically marked as dispatched on corresponding channels and buyers are notified.
    Stock quantities are deducted from orders automatically. For return and replacement, you can write-off a stock for a replacement being sent out, and these write-offs are saved for future reference.

    Purchase Order Management

    Avante Cart knows the sales trend of your products, and it knows which supplier is providing this product to you.
    You can create purchase order in batch on Avante Cart, and Avante Cart will be intelligent enough to create all purchase orders that you need, with estimate quantity.
    When your purchase order arrives, you just need to click "Mark as arrived", the corresponding stock level will be credited.
    You can also print product labels according to the quantity of each purchased item.


    We understand that different people need to work in a team. On Avante Cart, different people of a team can have different login accounts with different permissions. For example, a product officer can only manage product information, but not financial, order information.


    Pro Plan

    • Unlimited Accounts
    • Unlimited Channels
    • Unlimited Products / SKU
    • Chat support
    • Email support within 24 hours of request
    • 2.5% Sales Transaction Fee for cDiscount, PriceMinister
    • 1% Sales Transaction Fee for Amazon, eBay, BigCommerce, Shopify

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